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Malware Removal and System Optimization - Flat Rate $100

No Hassle- We will pick up your system and drop it off the next day for free

Has your computer slowed to a crawl? Do you have pop-ups all over your screen? Strange search results, changed backgrounds, missing icons - these are all signs of malware infection on your system. The good news is that these annoyances can be eliminated using specialized techniques and software, along with our years of experience.

We scan your system for these destructive programs using professional grade tools, and remove all traces of them from your computer. We then clean up and repair any damage done, including registry, system files, and program configurations. We clean out the temporary files that clutter your system and any items cached that could contain remnants of infection. We then install all current productivity software updates and Anti-virus.

Once operating system service packs, and security updates are installed and the system is tested for functionality, we then physically clean the system inside and out to improve airflow and cooling. We return your system free from dust and dirt, and free from virus and malware infection.

We service Desktops and Laptops from any brand including Apple.

Why not hourly rates for virus and malware removals?

We choose flat rate service for malware removal because we do not remove malware without optimizing the system and installing all available updates, so we do not offer separate packages for cleaning and optimizing. Generally, a system is infected by a vulnerability in software. Often these weaknesses can be fixed by installing update packages. Additionally, configuration techniques and experience optimizing software allows us to make it more difficult for malware to compromise the system again. If we were to just clean the system, removing the malware, without the optimizations, chances are very good that the system would be infected again shortly after returning it to the customer.

Also, the amount of time it takes to clean a system varies with the amount of system resources. Slower computers and larger amounts of data cause delays, which can cause hourly rates to climb. We don't feel that any customer should pay more than another for the same service. Call us at 828-221-4745 or Email now for virus cleanup and malware removal in Hickory, Lenoir, Gastonia, Lincolnton, Charlotte, Asheville, and surrounding NC areas.