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Penetration Testing

Networks are constantly under attack. Any system connected to the internet is a potential target for criminals. We offer security and penetration testing services for business networks to prevent you from becoming a victim. We will analyze your network to find any vulnerabilities that may allow an attacker to compromise your systems. We will provide a full report, including suggestions on improving security within the organization. Make your network as secure as possible by using our certified technicians to test your systems today.


A strong UTM firewall setup can prevent intruders from penetrating your network and wreaking havoc on your systems. Firewalls act as filters, checking data packets to ensure that what is passing through your outer boundaries is allowed while blocking harmful transmissions. We will configure a firewall as part of a UTM for the best possible protection of your home or business. Firewall rules can be complicated, please don't risk the safety of your data to inexperienced geeks. Let a certified network professional deploy your defenses.

After deployment, firewalls need to be managed, logs checked and rules verified and adjusted. We suggest a managed services package for continued firewall maintenance. Call me at 828-221-4745 for network security services in Hickory, Lenoir, Charlotte, Asheville, and surrounding NC areas.

Unified Threat Management

We strongly suggest a Unified Threat Management approach for efficient and cost effective solutions to most issues faced in small business environments. UTM servers and appliances provide numerous services within a single product. Using UTM, previously separated packages including Firewall, LDAP Directory services, E-Mail, SPAM filtering, Virus prevention, VPN, Content Filtering, Detailed Reporting, IDS/IPS, and complete routing capabilities are bundled into one core device. Our unified setups with unlimited seats can directly replace off-the-shelf branded routers and firewalls. Call 828-221-4745 or E-mail today for more information on Unified Threat Management for businesses in the Hickory, Lenoir, Charlotte, Asheville, Gastonia, and surrounding NC areas.


Please call us at 828-221-4745 or Email now for a free analysis and quote for network security services.