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Network Vendors

Wired Networks

Businesses now rely heavily on their IT networks to run their daily operations. We design and deploy wired networks based primarily on Cisco and Calyptix hardware, however, we have experience with routing and switching hardware from numerous brands, including popular choices such as Juniper and SonicWall. Our technicians support everything from home office systems to massive multi-site warehouse networks. Call us at 828-221-4745 for a free analysis.

Network Optimization

Are you experiencing lag or sluggish speeds from your network? Would you like to optimize your existing infrastructure? We can analyze your network to determine what options exist to improve performance. Perhaps your company has outgrown the current capacity of your network. We will gladly work with you to scale your network to meet and exceed the needs of your organization.

Wireless Networks

Wifi is everywhere, and most devices now support some form of wireless communication. Wireless network access can greatly increase productivity in the office. Mobility makes collaboration easier, and allows teams to have access to the tools they need, when and where they need them. We install and repair many types of wireless network, from single wireless routers at home to multiple access point mesh networks. Call or Email for more information on wireless networking.


Please call 828-221-4745 or Email a request for proposal for networking services.

Home Networks/Wireless Routers and Access Points

Single router or wireless router home network installation and configuration is flat rate $100.