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What is Managed Services?

Managed Services are comprehensive suites of IT solutions that include the day to day monitoring, maintenance, and repair of IT infrastructures. Managed service packages provide the convenience and security of an in-house IT staff, without the high costs.

Preventive maintenance is a key element. Years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining networks of all sizes gives us a broad understanding of how systems work together, what goes wrong, and how to avoid downtime. We can often repair problems before operations are affected.

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Reliable. Secure. Responsive.

When you choose Clark Data to manage your IT assets, you are partnering with experienced, certified IT professionals. Clark Data is stable, profitable, and sustainable. You can rely on us to be here to prevent downtime for the long-term.

Included in the monthly plans are:

-Constant Monitoring of Core Equipment Status

Our servers electronically monitor the health of customer networks, and alert us immediately if anything is outside of our operating standards.

-Email Archiving, Dyvax Patented SPAM and Virus Filtering, Web site Filtering, PDF Reporting

Compliance problems are a thing of the past with our all-in-one compliance solutions. Filter, track, and archive everything that happens on your network. Protect against 0-Day threats with our patented Dyvax filtering. We stop threats before other vendors even know they exist.

-IPS/IDS and Next Generation Unified Threat Management Firewall

All attempts to penetrate your network will be prevented and alerts sent to inform us. Advanced deep packet inspection allows threats to be stopped at the gateway to your network, instead of days or months later when the damage is done. Block and log individual applications, and see by name who is using which applications on your network.

-Advanced PDF Executive Reports

Generate reports containing information on who is doing what, and when. Too much web surfing? Inappropriate sites? You can use these reports to block the distractions and increase productivity. Display a warning to users who visit sites deemed unsuitable for the workplace. No additional software or packages required. Reporting is always included at no additional cost.

-Call Response Time Under 1 Hour (We strive for 30 minutes or less)

Someone will begin work on your issue within 1 hour of calling, Guaranteed. We can fix issues remotely 99% of the time, and on-site service is almost always within an hour.

-Server Repairs, Upgrades, Monthly Updates, and Issues Resolved

If something breaks on your server, it will be repaired urgently. Software updates and monthly maintenance is also included.

-Hardware Swaps and Upgrades (Customer Provides Parts / No Markup on Parts)

You buy the parts, we install it. We will be glad to recommend and order parts for you.

-Workstation Installation, Repairs, and Monthly Updates (Gold and Platinum Plans)

We support the company users too. Desktop rollouts, upgrades, or repairs are all taken care of under our managed service plans.

-Printing and Scanning Support (Platinum Plan)

Printing and Scanning issues are all covered under the platinum plan. Local and Network resources are supported.

-Custom Software Assistance

Third party software issues can be remedied more quickly by letting Clark Data speak to your technical support reps. We have experience dealing with helpdesk technicians and can often expedite repairs.


You have questions, and we have the answers you need to make informed decisions. With years of experience, and a diverse team of engineers to call upon, we can guide you through any IT scenario.


We offer clients a choice of coverage under our 3 tiered service plans.

Call today at 828-221-4745 or Email now to request a proposal for managed services.

Why we don't charge hourly for managed service plans?

We use a flat rate system because we believe fixed cost IT solutions provide a more stable budget for our customers. Our fees reflect our experience and service, while providing the best value in IT management available anywhere. Our customers tell us they love the sense of security they have from knowing exactly how much their IT costs will be. Honesty in pricing, it's just that simple.