Clark Data - Computer Repair, Hardware Upgrade, Data Destruction and Recovery Service - Hickory, Newton, Lenoir, NC
Hardware Vendors

Hardware Upgrades - $60

Is your system slow due to low resources, such as RAM? Maybe you just need more space for your files and programs. We can upgrade almost any computer. Servers, laptops and desktops, even Apple computer products can often be revived with a hardware upgrade. Why buy a new computer? Our certified technicians can breathe new life into your existing hardware!

Data Recovery - $250 per Drive

We have invested heavily in the best tools to enable us to recover your data safe and sound. If you have an issue with a drive, unplug the computer immediately, do not shut down normally. We can save the data on that failing drive. Bad sectors and corrupted drives can be accessed and the data scraped. Don't trust your files to anyone else. Call us at 828-221-4745 or Email for emergency data recovery service.

Data Destruction - $250 per Drive

Your drives contain sensitive information and personal files that you wouldn't want falling into the wrong hands. Often businesses are tasked with the protection of old drives and data. HIPAA and HITECH compliance requires complete and unrecoverable destruction of data before discarding drives. We have multiple tools and techniques to render all data unusable and unrecoverable. Your data is gone, destroyed forever using Department of Defense approved methods. We are one of the only local companies offering this service. Call or Email today to schedule your data destruction service.